Healthy Football Season

From the beginning, the football season seemed to provide a wide range of reasons for bad eating. It starts near Labor Day and in the past moves on to new years. Our eating habits at this time of year usually include delicious food and drink, but have negative effects.

So, I thought about how someone could enjoy a fun football game (holidays for the lady’s stage), and still dressed in his pre-season clothes. Fewer than 10 who can help you achieve this may not have anyone to think about, but if you take it into consideration, you will survive for another year without moving on to the next waist. Enjoy the season with sedentary activity!

Tips For Healthy Football Season

healthy football season

Dieting During Holidays

First, do not consider the diet during the holiday season. That is, do not start a new diet. Your biggest goal during our favorite season is to maintain your weight. This way you can participate in your favorite drinks and snacks without any fault.

Something simple and delicious.

I recommend taking a light dip with multi-grain bread or wheat, in order to have something healthy. There is a company (I think it takes its name from the chef in its name) that sells sauces and bread that anyone can make, and is a healthy alternative to regular snacks. Just ask your wife, girlfriend or any woman where you can find a mix of beer bread.

Some Healthy Drinks

Drinks tend to be appreciated by many at this time of year, so be wise. If you should have a mixed drink, try something similar to pure alcoholic and diet drinks, light or very light beer or a cup of excellent wine. I know that wine isn’t crying manly, but it’s an alternative. Remember that this shouldn’t be painful, but rather well thought out.

Take Advantage of long Football tend

Good or bad, football matches tend to be long, use them to your advantage and engage in eating and drinking at a slow pace. The slower the consumption, the more likely this volume is needed in the spring period.

Activities To have healthy Football seasons

When chasing children or walking, whatever, be sure to keep up with a different type of activity other than training the couch and navigating the canal. Winter time is quite difficult for many people who suffer from cold and darkness, so some activities will help you achieve or maintain physical and mental acuity.

Eat Before Going Football field

Eat at home before going to the football field or to a friend’s house. This should help prevent complete immersion in food and drink. Believe me, when I tell you, you will feel better aware of not having to drive your car at home with your pants on without pressing it, due to pressure or stomach pain.

What to Eat in Healthy Football season?

Eat some chicken wings, not the whole chicken. I think it is clear, and above all, it applies to all foods! And anyway, who wants to get commercials in all the new Dallas-Terrell Owens shirt.

Opportunity to Host a Football

If you have the opportunity to host a football game, gather the odds on your side by placing vegetables and snacks instead of pizza and wings. I mean, we kid pay attention to what we eat while watching a game. As long as the drinks are cold and our meals, we are in heaven.

Stay Active

Consider being active during commercial breaks. Get up and stretch or take breaks on the go. Make a challenge with your friends and do push-ups, mountain climbing, jumping jack, planks, etc. If you’re in the game, take a ladder instead of an escalator or elevator. Get up and arrange or take a walk around the stadium from time to time to keep your health perfect.

Rules for the Year

This rule applies throughout the year. Stay away from fast food restaurants. It might seem like a good idea on the way to the game, but we all know it’s not full and will end.

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