Azerbaijani Soldiers Destroy Armenian Kchachqars in Nakhichevan

The Armenian Embassy in Iran received an information from the Armenian eparchy of Atrpatakan that about 100 Azerbaijani soldiers burst into Old Julfa cemetery, which is on the bank of the Araks river, and began destroying and smashing into dust Khachqars (cross-stones) with hammers, spades and heavy equipment. These are Khachqars, which were saved in 2002 from being vandalised by the Azerbaijanis, Armenian Embassy in the IRI reports. This incident is another step taken by Azerbaijan in order to distort the history, which aims at erasing the Armenian trace in Nakhichevan. In this connection the leaders of three Armenian eparchies of Iran, on behalf of the Armenian nation expressed their indignation and resentment. They appealed to the international community, international organisations, particularly, the UNESCO, for the latter to take steps, according to its mandate and capacity, in order to prevent another cultural genocide by Azerbaijan. Besides, the Armenian Embassy in Iran via its diplomatic channels informed the Foreign Ministry of Armenia of the fact and will keep an eye on the subsequent developments.